Rev’d Sue Auckland

Foundation Governor

My husband, Peter, and I have lived in Scole since 1976; our two children were pupils at the school in the 1980’s.  . I was a high school science teacher for 31 years

Chris Mills

Foundation Governor

I am married with two adult sons, who live in Bury St. Edmunds and Liverpool. I am grandfather to four grandchildren, two in primary and two in higher education.

Charlie Hillman

Parent Governor

I joined the governing body in January 2017. I am a serving member in HM Forces, currently stationed at Wattisham Airfield as the senior helicopter instructor at 4

Helen Taylor


I was elected onto the governing body in June 2018. I have 2 children in the school and am passionate about having an active part in their education

Nigel Stannard


Hello my name is Nigel, I am proud to be a governor representing the parents of children who attend Scole Primary School.

Judith Phillip

Community Governor

I am a community governor and a volunteer at Scole Primary School.   I have lived in Scole for the last ten years

Jo Pen


I have lived in Scole for nearly 30 years with my husband Peter. The village has changed a lot in that time

The current Governors of our school are:-


Foundation Governors –

Rev S Auckland (Term of office : 10/02/18 – 09/02/22)- Chair, Personnel & Community Links, Curriculum (chair), Safeguarding & Child Protection, Looked after children, RE, Pupil Premium, Performance Management & Class 4

Mr C Mills- (28/04/15 – 30/04/19) – Personnel & Community Links (chair), Performance Management, Attendance, Anti-Racism & Class 1


Local Authority Governor –



Parent Governors –

Mr D Morrell (18/05/16 – 18/05/20) –  Finance, Buildings, Health & Safety, Special Educational Needs (SEN) & Class 3

Mr N Stannard (07/11/17 – 20/11/21) – Finance, Buildings, Health & Safety (chair), PE, Educational Visits & Class 3

Mr C Hillman (20/01/17 – 20/01/21) – Vice-Chair, Personnel & Community Links, Appeals Officer & Class 4

Mrs H Taylor (23/05/18 – 22/05/21) – Curriculum & Class 2


Co-opted Governors –

Mrs K Murray (01/09/18 – 30/08/22) – Curriculum; Finance, Buildings, Health & Safety (Full voting rights)

Mrs J Phillip (23/03/17 -22/03/21) – Curriculum, Performance Management & Class 2 (Full voting rights)


Staff Governors –

Mrs G Munday (20/05/17 – 19/05/21)- Finance, Buildings, Health & Safety; Personnel & Community Links

Headteacher Governor – Mrs C Vosper

There were no business or pecuniary interests to declare by the governing body for 2018-19. This register is available from the school office on request. 

Clerk – Mrs C Buck


The work of the governing body of Scole Primary School is divided into 3 main subcommittees; Personnel & Community Links (PCL), Finance, Buildings, Health & Safety (FBHS) and Curriculum. These committees meet every half term and feed into the full governing body, which again meets every half term.

The purpose of these meetings is to scrutinise, challenge and support the work of the school, led by the Headteacher. Their role is to be a ‘critical friend’ and to ensure that the school is achieving the highest possible outcomes for learners in the school.

The different committees are rigorous and robust in their attention to detail; they help set the budget, they input into the school development plan, they are involved in the appointment process of staff and they hold the Headteacher to account. Through the different meetings that take place, the governing body ensures that policies are reviewed, the performance data of year groups is analysed and staff are given every opportunity to excel.

The expectation placed upon the governing body by Ofsted is that the governors know the school, know its priorities for improvement and support the Headteacher and staff in meeting these aims and ambitions.

The governing body of Scole Primary School works extremely hard to fulfil these duties. The on-going success of the school is due in part to the diligence and expertise that exists within the group and the governors are committed to developing the school to achieve outstanding outcomes for all.


Summary of work undertaken in the Spring Term 2017 (1st Half)

Curriculum Committee

This half term the committee reviewed two sections of the school’s self-evaluation document (SEF). The group also reviewed the Science & Collective Worship policies.

Personnel & Community Links

The committee scrutinised the following policies: Confidentiality, Online Safety, Acceptable Use, Staff Code of Conduct. They also updated the Safeguarding policy to incorporate Operation Encompass.  The group looked at one section of the SEF and added an amendment. In addition to this the subcommittee updated the pupil and parent questionnaires ready for completion and review.

Finance, Buildings, Health & Safety

At every FBHS meeting, one of the key areas that the group focuses on is budget monitoring.  The responsibility of the governing body is to ensure value for money and this is achieved through the scrutiny of the budget at all levels. The group reviewed the Health & Safety policy. They also provided information required for the Schools Financial Value Standard (SFVS), discussed the possible replacement of our boiler and decided on a contractor to use for our 5 year electrical checks.

Full Governing Body

At the full governing body meeting the chairs of the subcommittees fed back to the group and policies were approved. There was also a full report given by our SEN Co-Ordinator, Vicki Read, the latest version of our School Development and Improvement Plan (SDIP) was reviewed and the Headteacher’s report read and discussed.