Small Schools Netball League

Netball Club 2016 -17 – Small Schools League 2017

We have had a thriving group at Netball Club this year, with up to 20 pupils from KS2 attending. England Netball Skills Awards are underway and will be completed by the end of the Summer Term.

For the first time this year the local Small Schools League was played as a tournament during the netball and football cluster event at Diss High School, in March 2017. This was a departure from playing the matches over a number of months at different home and away venues. The small school squad of 7 players worked terrifically hard during their 5 games and the progression in their netball was clear to see over these matches. This was certainly a bonus of playing all the matches in one day.

Beating three other school comprehensively the team came third in the league behind Garboldisham and Winfarthing and were a credit to the school. They can be rightly proud of their efforts. Well done!

While the 5 a side team played in the league tournament, our 7 a side team played against other local schools, many of them bigger than us (large schools of over 120 pupils.) They too were able to showcase their growing skills and finished 5th in their league of 8 teams.

Here is a link to the article from the local paper –

A great year for netball. I hope all the year 6s continue to play at Diss High next year and netball club goes from strength to strength in 2017-18.

Well done everyone.

Mrs Goldsmith.


Small Schools League Matches 2016

At the end of the season I was so proud to watch the team play and see how far their netballing skills have come. We were also named “Fairplay” winners at the League presentation, an award we have won for three years running. It is great to be awarded this by our peers, other schools and adults involved in netball and shows that we play in the right spirit.

Good luck year 5 for next year!





23.02.16 Lopham (H)           3 – 1   (win) Hannah, Ruby 2
15.03.16 Winfarthing (H)            3-10 (loss) Toby 3
18.03.16 Tivetshall (A)             7-5


 Jacob 3, Hannah & Toby
23.05.16 Dickleburgh (H)            6-10 (loss)  Hannah, Jacob, Tia, Toby & Ruby 2
20.04.16 Garboldisham (H)           1-10


30.6.16 Bressingham (A)          10-4


 Jacob 5, Amber, Tia 2 & Ruby 2


Once again this year we have entered a High 5 netball team into the local Small Schools League. Players will earn the chance to take home the “Player of the Match” trophy which is presented in sharing assembly. This player is always picked by the opposition so it is an excellent award as it is nominated by your peers. Mrs Goldsmith will also give out her “Manager’s Player of the Match” certificate to highlight the Scole player she feels has made an outstanding effort, contribution or made great progress during the game.


The end of season presentation for the League also saw the team win the “Fair play Award” which is voted for by every opponent during the season. This is is wonderful accolade for a great group of girls who tried their best, played with determination and honesty and were a pleasure to coach.


Netball League Results & Fixtures

A – Away, H – Home

All year 5 & 6 pupils who regularly attend Netball Club will be available to play in the matches. There will be some rotation of players from year 5 to enable everyone to play at some point during the season.





10.03.15 Pulham (H)           10-5  (win) Morgan 7, Ellie, Mae, Alicia
17.03.15 Lopham (A)           8 – 9   (win) Morgan 4, Mae 2, Alicia 2, Evie 1
19.03.15 Winfarthing (A)            3-10 (win) Morgan 4, Mae 2, Brooke 2, Ellie, Amelia
05.15.15 Tivetshall (H)            4-10 (loss) Brooke, Morgan 3
19.05.15 Dickleburgh (H)            10-3 (win) Brooke, Ellie, Amelia, Amber, Morgan, Evie 2, Mae 3
20.05.15 Garboldisham (A)            12-3 (loss) Brooke, Morgan, Ellie
14.04.15 Bressingham (H)           11-3 (win)  Amelia 2, Mae 2, Evie 2, Alicia 3, Ellie, Morgan

Well done to everyone who has played in the team  especially those year 5s who have made their debuts! We finished third in the league which is a huge achievement. You should all be very proud of your excellent progress, determination and fair play and this was again rewarded by our opponents as we won the League Fair play Award again in 2014-15 – the second year running! well done everyone.

Here is the finished league table  – Netball league table 2015

We only lost two games all year and have played some excellent netball.I am very proud of you all!

Mrs Goldsmith


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