Monthly Archives: March 2017


Today we began to think about Easter. Our unit of work is based around why Good Friday is called ‘Good’. We began by thinking about what we already know about Easter and then moved onto what we would like to know. There were some very interesting questions about whether Jesus knew he was going to […]

Is it alive?

This week we began our science topic of ‘Living things’. We began by sorting pictures of various objects and deciding whether we thought they were alive or not. The discussions were brilliant, with lots of explanations and great scientific vocabulary. Some objects we thought were obvious such as a worm but others such as antlers […]

Proud of my ‘selfie’.

At Scole, we really like to celebrate our successes and hard work. In class 4 we do this by taking a ‘selfie’ and then displaying it in our classroom. Any member of the class can choose when to take a ‘selfie’ of themselves and a piece of work they are particularly proud of. It may […]