Monthly Archives: March 2016

Moving vehicles.

Much excitement ( and a little trepidation on the part of the adults)  heralded the arrival of the D.T trolley in our classroom this week. For nearly three days, our room resounded to the sounds of sawing, drilling, sanding, cutting and the occasional ‘Watch your fingers!’  The results were amazing and despite the motors not […]

Sport Relief Day

On the 18th of March it was Sport Relief day to rase money. We had to run as far as we could around our school field. Twelve laps around was a mile. Class 3 ran for about forty-five minutes and some people managed to run about three miles! Lots of us bought wristbands to raise […]

May The Force Be With You!

Over the past few weeks we have been focussing on forces in our science lessons.  We have carried out lots of investigations and had a great time. The children have learnt  a huge amount and really improved their understanding of how to set up and conduct an experiment.   There has been some fantastic team […]


For most of this term the theme of the reflection shed has been ‘Friends.’  The children have thoughts about who their friends are and why they like them. They have also considered how it feels when we fall out of friendships and the best ways to make up.  There have been some lovely examples of […]

Mechanical Systems

This week in D.T. we have been learning about mechanical systems which is where components act together  to create a motion. In partners we followed instructions to make our own systems based on levers and linkages.We used recycled cereal boxes and split pins to make them.Next week we will be using this knowledge to design […]

Personal Survival

On the 1st of March class 3 went swimming where we did personal survival. Personal survival is when you learn about keeping safe in the water. You have to be VERY careful near ponds and lakes! There were three groups and each did a different part of personal survival. The first group learnt about avoiding […]