Summer PE 2019

This term we have a wide variety of PE & sport related events to look forward to. Our new track is up and running to help improve our stamina and fitness and it will link well to our athletics work leading up to National School Sports Week and our own School Games Sports Day on Wednesday June 26th.

All classes will also take part in a PE Café and whole school Disability Sport week when we will welcome the sport of wheelchair basketball and also experience Boccia, sitting volleyball, Goal ball and look at how blind athletics run races using guides to help them.

Class 3 & 4 will take part in a Cluster athletics competition, class 4 in the cluster rounders and class 2 will attend the Sports day Picnic at Diss High School.

Over the term our clubs will include – Class 1 Fun & Games, KS1 Multi skills, fun & games, Years 1-3 Ballet, KS2 rounders and KS2 cricket. Plus all the usual game of the week equipment will be available at break and lunchtimes, Beat your Best challenges will return and the chance to regularly use the new track.

Let’s look forward to a busy term everyone!

In Class 1 we will begin the summer term with Run, Jump, Throw as we work on our basic physical literacy skills linked to athletics. We will use a variety of equipment, hurdles, spots, quoits, hoops and ropes throughout the summer term and look forward to using the field for our lessons. Learning how to play a basic tag game and hitting a ball with a bat will complete the term along with using a skipping rope, hoop and our favourite- parachute games! As our first sports day approaches in June we will plan and practise our race!

In Class 2 we are also moving onto basic athletics skills including throwing foam javelins, bin bag hammers and running over hurdles. We will learn the various types of throws using balls, beanbags and quoits. Before this we will focus on our bat and balls skills with our tennis work from the Spring Term. Everyone then enjoys time to consolidate our physical literacy skills, tag games and learning how to play a basic game of rounders.

Class 3 will spend the start of term working on their athletics skills. We will look at the differences in running for speed and for distance, looking at how to judge and keep a steady pace. We will throw both for distance and for accuracy using bin bag hammers, quoits, beanbags, tennis balls and foam javelins.
Our games work will use a range of skills linked to cricket and rounders; throwing, striking, intercepting and stopping a ball with growing control and accuracy.

Class 4 are working towards the English School Athletics Awards and their athletics work will include; choosing the best pace for a running event, showing control at take off in jumping activities, accuracy and good technique when throwing for distance as well as always looking to improve on a personal target.
Finally playing competitive games of cricket and rounders will lead us to looking at striking a bowled ball, applying rule consistently and fairly and understanding how to implement and use a range of tactics during a game. Also how can we identify our own strengths and then suggest ways to improve. Plus a whole term of swimming at Diss Pool. Plenty to do Class 4!

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