The best way to understand the teaching and learning at Scole School is to visit the class pages. Here you will get an overview of the themes and areas of study for the term.

Our philsophy is to embed the fundamental skills in reading, writing and mathematics and use these as a platform for a vibrant and exciting curriculum that provides a huge array of opportunities for pupils to discover their talents. We believe every child is an individual and every child is talented. To do this we believe in creating learning without limits. We do not put a ceiling on what children can achieve and so the principles of challenge and choice underpin the work that we do. As a school we do not believe in ‘the predictability of ability’.

A copy of our teaching and learning policy is available to view in the ‘policies’ section of the website.

The new National Curriculum was implemented in September 2014. The content for each year group across all subjects can be viewed here;