Netball Club

Netball Club takes place after school on Wednesdays from 3.30 to 4.15pm in the Autumn Term 1 and Spring Term 2. It is run by Mrs Goldsmith and is open to everyone from years 3 & 6 and boys are very welcome to come and play! This year we have over 20 pupils attending!

Practice sessions involve lots of fun and learning new skills. We always play a game towards the end of the session and everyone gets the chance to try out all the different positions available. Mrs Goldsmith has attended an England Netball Coaching course, plus an umpiring course and is keen to improve our High 5 and seven-a-side game, with lots of new drills and games to make learning fun!

We play High 5 netball which means there are only 5 players on the court at any one time and everyone rotates to a different position during the breaks in the game. We like to make sure that everyone gets the chance to play and when we have matches with other schools we aim to let everyone who regularly attends practice take some part in a match.

We also hope to play against other school in 2020 -21.

Please come along and have a go! It’s great fun!! All you need is your PE kit and a pair of trainers. If you have earrings please remove them and bring a drink with you.

England Netball Skills Awards Three years ago we introduced the England Netball Skills Award Scheme. This is a chance to assess skills levels and monitor the progress made during netball sessions. Pupils who regularly attended netball club, from years 3 – 6 completed their Level 1, 2 or level 3 awards last year and were presented with their certificates and badges in sharing assembly. This was a brilliant achievement for them all and showed their progress and commitment to playing netball. Well done everyone!

Netball Club sessions will run as usual in the winter months but we will take time out to work towards the awards, which run from Level 1 to Level 3 for primary school aged pupils.

Each Level of the awards covers the following skills;
* Balance
* Jumping
* Stopping
* Running and sidestepping
* Running and trapping
* Catching
* Throwing
* Throwing and catching
* Shooting

All of these skills can easily be practised and then tested and when the weather stops us training outside many can be completed indoors. On successful completion, pupils will be able to apply for badges and certificates to celebrate their awards.Many pupils will be moving onto level 2 or even 3 this year – Good luck!

For those year 6 pupils, who already hold a Level 3 award and are now trained Young Leaders, this has also provided an opportunity to use their leadership skills to help Mrs Goldsmith with the sessions, working with pupils taking on their Level 1 award.