Let's Get Cooking

We are extremely grateful to the Friends of Scole School for their tireless hard-work in fund raising for the school. Without their very generous contribution we would be unable to continue running this as a free club, so thank you Friends!

The latest group of children to attend Let’s Get Cooking had a great time learning different skills preparing main meals and desserts, including green Thai chicken curry and tutti-frutti crumble. Here are some of the comments from Year 6.

“An inspiring opportunity to cook the tastiest food and the yummiest dishes.”  Elizabeth

“It was awesome!”  Jack

“It’s really fun because you get to to try new foods.”  Libby

“It was very interesting and a great opportunity to try new things such as Baked Carbonara and Thai green curry.”  Ryan

“It is fantastic because you can learn different recipe and try different foods.”  Eva

“It’s an extremely fun club because you get to cook food like Thai green curry and see what it tastes like!”  Ben

“It was fun and is great to learn something that will be useful.”  Laura

Year 6 Cooking Club Summer 2014


Chunky Chocolate Cookies

Cheese Palmiers

Italian chicken pasta salad

Oaty apple and sultana crumble