Change 4 Life Sports Club

During the summer term we are starting a brand new Change 4 Life Sports Club which will run one lunchtime per week with a selected group of pupils.

Mrs Goldsmith was very lucky to recently receive training to deliver a Change 4 life Sporting Club at Scole. This has included taking delivery of a huge bag of resources, all brand new, to use just for the club.

You may recognise the Change 4 life brand from adverts and posters and part of the club will include completing a “get going” logbook looking at healthy active lifestyles. Pupils will also receive wristbands, stickers and can help to influence which activities and games are played at the club.

Those chosen to take part in the summer term have received a “golden ticket” to invite them to join and have already started to unpack and put together all the new equipment including a rebound net, target parachute, and a variety of other balls and throwing equipment as our bag is all about “flight.”

The club is an excellent opportunity to help make decisions including choosing activities,as well as showcasing qualities such as teamwork, honesty, passion, respect and determination. Once the club is up and running current members will be trained to be a leader/mentor in order to help run the club for younger pupils from September.