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For most of this term the theme of the reflection shed has been ‘Friends.’  The children have thoughts about who their friends are and why they like them. They have also considered how it feels when we fall out of friendships and the best ways to make up.  There have been some lovely examples of […]


This week has been rather special in the Reflection shed. All the activities have been based around Christmas: Thinking about the homeless, reflecting on the gifts brought by the Wise men and shepherds, pondering on our hopes and dreams for the future and thinking about the people who guide us. Every child has spent time […]


This month the reflection shed has had a theme of ‘light.’ The children have thought about how light is an important symbol in many religions. They have read the story of Rama and Sita and coloured pictures of Diva lamps as they thought about the Hindu festival of Divali. One activity asked the children to […]