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Dreamy Bakes

‘The bakery windows of Chouxville were piled high with delicacies such as Maidens’ Dreams, Fairies’ Cradles, and, most famous of all, Hopes-of-Heaven.’ The above sentence is from The Ickabog, a new book being released, by J. K. Rowling, online. One of the Home Learning activities was to create a fancy bake that could replicate some […]

Toucan Can Play That Game

One of Class 3’s Home Learning tasks was to research the Rainforest. Christian Year 3 really engaged with this task and produced some fantastic artwork which can be seen below.   It is lovely to see Christian really enjoy his work. The bird that Christian drew is a Green Headed Tanager bird a type of bird that Mrs […]

2d and 3d Shapes

In maths we have been looking at both 2-D and 3-D shapes.  We made a variety of different 3-D models using a variety of templates. First of all, each child made a cube from paper. Once they had finished the cube they could then move on to creating different 3-D shapes.   We had triangular […]