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Our Big RE Question

In R.E. our big question is “What do Christians believe God is like?”.  As a class we had a discussion and here are some of our ideas. “God is like salt and melts all the bad things so the good things can come back”. “God is willing to take a risk for the world”. “If […]

Class 3’s Maths Cafe

On the 8th February 2017 Class 3 had a maths café with the parents who were able to come. We had fun! We played games and did different activities such as, measuring parents and timing how many times they could write their name on a piece of paper. On the netbooks we had maths games […]

Rocks and soils

In class 3’s science we have been learning about rocks and soils. This week we learnt how fossils are formed. Skye brought in some amazing examples, one was a big ammonite. We also learnt about soils and as a class we had a go at making a wormery. After a few days we looked at […]

New books for Class 3

Thank-you to all the parents who supported our book fair which was held during parents’ evenings last half-term. As a result every class was allowed to buy some new books. We are very lucky to have ten new books to read, we especially like ‘Barry Loser hates half-term’ by Jim Smith. Cerys and Hayden

River pictures

At the end of our mountains, coasts and rivers topic we learnt about the different features of rivers. There included tributaries, meanders and confluences. We were inspired by our work with Google maps to make river pictures using oil pastels. Scarlet      

Sport Relief Day

On the 18th of March it was Sport Relief day to rase money. We had to run as far as we could around our school field. Twelve laps around was a mile. Class 3 ran for about forty-five minutes and some people managed to run about three miles! Lots of us bought wristbands to raise […]

Mechanical Systems

This week in D.T. we have been learning about mechanical systems which is where components act together  to create a motion. In partners we followed instructions to make our own systems based on levers and linkages.We used recycled cereal boxes and split pins to make them.Next week we will be using this knowledge to design […]