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The Victorian School









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The School from the air (1971)







You can see that in this picture the mobile hasn’t yet arrived, the outside toilets were still in use and some of our field was the garden for the old school house.


The School was built in 1853 at a cost of £250, and enlarged in 1875 to hold 160 children at a further cost of £300.

Next to the School was the Schoolhouse and garden, the Schoolmasters lived here until it was sold to the Pretty family who were owners of the garage. It is now used as the office and staff room with the upstairs used for storage.

During the Second World War evacuees from Dagenham, Essex came to the village and stayed with the local families. This meant that the Scole children only went to School for half days and the evacuees went the other half. The evacuees also brought their own teachers with them.

Over the years there has been many changes at the School, the mobile which is now used for Adventurers was added some time in the 1970’s. In the 1980s another mobile was added to be used as the canteen, until then the children walked down to the Church Hall.

In 1995 the outside toilets were demolished to make way for the School Hall this also included new toilets and cloakrooms. The Hall is also used as a canteen and meant that the mobile previously used was removed.

In 2005 a new classroom and Library was built adjoining the hall. This enabled the School to go to four classes.

In the summer of 2012 major refurbishment of Explorer’s Class and the Library was undertaken. This has resulted in an improved learning environment for our reception children and an area specifically for intervention work and cooking.