An Introduction to The Friends.

The Friends group is open to all parents, carers and family members of pupils who attend Scole Primary School; it can also be open to local community members.

What does the group do?

The group allows parents and community members to help the school. It is a friendly, active and supportive group which organises events; social, fundraising and educational, enabling everyone to have fun as well as raising money which is used to fund school projects that have been chosen by the children, staff or members. In the past we have bought netball posts, musical instruments, playground equipment, an outdoor classroom and each year we pay for the children to attend the pantomime in Bury St Edmunds at Christmas. We have recently helped raise funds for the new school library and will continue to raise money to help maintain it.

Who runs the group? (Sept 2021)

The group is run by a committee; the officers of which, are:

Chair                Mrs J Root           (Parent, Navigators)

Secretary         Mrs J Lewis         (Parent, Navigators/Adventurers)

Treasurer         Mrs S Last           (Parent, Adventurers)

And they are supported by Committee Members.

How can you get involved?

You can become a member, you could volunteer to help at the next activity or project, and the friends always need help at events from selling drinks or food to clearing away, or you can simply support the group by attending fundraising events, donating prizes, or cakes for stalls.

When and where do we meet?

The meetings are held in the school intervention room, they are usually every half term, and generally last about 1hr.

How can you contact the FoSS?

You can leave a message at the school office, or approach any of the above named persons.

There is a designated ‘Friends’ notice board on the playground, with up to date information on forthcoming events, monies raised so far and meeting dates.