Over half term, we researched canopic jars, tombs and pyramids and created artefacts to display in our Class Four museum. We think they look absolutely fantastic and hope that you agree!

This term, our topic in Class Four has been Ancient Civilisations.

At the start of our Topic, we made some mysterious discoveries in our school garden. Inspired by our class text of Secrets of a Sun King by Emma Carroll, we became Howard Carters and had an archaeological dig. We found some very intriguing objects in our vegetable patch. After further investigation, we found out that these objects came from Ancient Egypt!

Our garden discoveries!

During our Topic, we have been exploring Ancient Egyptian houses and developing our understanding of how their society worked. We have also been learning about their beliefs, including the Ancient Egyptian creation story.

We have also looked at the pharaohs of Ancient Egypt. In English, we created biographies about these historic figures and then, in Art, we created images of the pharaohs using either watercolours or oil pastels. Here are some marvellous examples!