Spring Term 2020 – PE at Scole

Here are our Spring Curriculum maps –

Curriculum map spr1 yr B

Curriculum map spr2 Yr B

In Class 1 we will begin the Spring term learning how to move and use gymnastic equipment safely. We will then look at how to travel over/under/through our equipment and how to make curled and stretched shapes with our bodies. Learning how to complete an egg roll and a log roll will be fun! Using time to consolidate our physical literacy skills we will balance, jump and travel!

In Class 2 our work will begin with learning how to balance successfully on our points and patches. Spinning, twisting and turning skills will follow as we learn how to build a basic sequence, with a starting and finishing position, using our new found skills. We will enjoy playing Mrs Goldsmith’s balance game and using the gymnastics apparatus safely. Later in the term we will move outside to practise our bat and balls skills with tennis activities and visiting Coach Emily and spend time to work on our physical literacy skills concentrating on our agility, balance and coordination.

Class 3 We will continue our gym work with Mrs Goldsmith this year looking at taking weight on different parts of our bodies as we travel and use apparatus. Building more complicated sequences using a number of elements will challenge us to put all our skills into action. Following this we will move onto tennis skills with Coach Emily. We will also have a weekly swimming lesson at Diss Swimming Pool throughout the Spring Term. A busy term ahead class 3!

Class 4 are excited to take part in 6 lessons of Boxfit with visiting boxing coach Gareth as we work on our health related fitness and stamina linked with boxing agility and drills. This exciting activity, which is funded by our Sports premium funding, will link to our fitness unit and beat your best challenges. Mixed with this will be a gymnastics lesson per week focusing on counter balance and counter tension work using floor and apparatus. Our net/wall games units will focus on volleyball skills.

This term we will also – keep up with our Track Time. Last term we completed over 10,000 laps of our track as we Race to Tokyo.

Also –

• Netball Club will start again and will be working towards their England Netball Skills Awards. New members always welcome.
• Plus our regular clubs will continue – yoga, brilliant ball games, basketball and badminton.
• We will look to attend a number of cluster sporting activities using our Sport Premium Funding to pay for transport costs.
• Mrs Goldsmith will run a Brilliant Ball Games Club for year 5 & 6 including dodgeball, goalball and crab football!
• A visiting coach will run a  year 3 and 4 basketball club after half term and year 5 & 6 badminton.
• Our year 6 Young Leaders are now running early morning activities and Game of the week, plus 3 & 4 will start to work towards their Sports Monitor Passport Awards.
• Early morning activities will continue in the playground plus new activities will begin to take place at lunchtime.
• Check out the PE noticeboard in the corridor to keep up to date with events and share in our successes!