Join us as we Race to Tokyo.

Our amazing track.

Our ongoing commitment to ensuring our pupils reach the daily activity level of 30 minutes in school, on top of PE lessons, is high on our agenda this year. We are very pleased with the track which was put on the field last year. It is very popular with all the children, the staff and even Jasper! Each class has Track Time on their non PE days where they spend at least 10 minutes using the track to raise fitness and stamina levels.

We have also introduced a whole school challenge this year as we intend to “Race to Tokyo” around our track! As the Tokyo 2020 Olympics starts only days after we break up in July we are going to try and run the 9425km from Scole to Tokyo. That is 67,321 laps of our track! Every lap counts to our total and we are noting how may laps we do every time the track is used. We also have a countdown in the school corridor to see how we are doing.

Using our track for a sponsored bounce!

To aid efforts we have also introduced “Track Tuesdays.” The track will be used from 8.45am every Tuesday morning so please come and join in. You are most welcome to walk around and to help us reach our goal.