Much excitement ( and a little trepidation on the part of the adults)  heralded the arrival of the D.T trolley in our classroom this week.

For nearly three days, our room resounded to the sounds of sawing, drilling, sanding, cutting and the occasional ‘Watch your fingers!’ 

The results were amazing and despite the motors not having the strength to turn the cogs all the vehicles were able to move freely when given a bit of a push. 

Maths, science and team work were in abundance along with all the necessary D.T skills and I know the children were thrilled with their results. We all gathered in the hall for the big ‘race’ to see whose vehicle went the furthest.  Only a few wheels came off, most vehicles moved in a straightish line and there was much cheering, oohing and ahhing.  Jacob’s went the furthest, traveling approximately 3/4 the length of the hall but everyone had a good time. A display of the children’s work will be up in the main corridor and the vehicles will soon be coming home but  hopefully the pictures below will give you an indication of just how much effort, precision and focus went into their vehicles. Well done class 4