For the past two weeks in Big Write the class have been thinking about Stanley, the main character in the novel Holes by Louis Sacher. He experiences lots of really interesting things in a very short amount of time and the book is really inspiring some great writing.


This week in Big Write the children had to imagine they were Stanley writing  a diary entry after his second day of hole digging. The results, even before the children have had a chance to edit them, are really good and I look forward to seeing the finished articles after half term.  

Here are just a few snippets from their independent writing: 

* Today I had to get up at 4.30 am ( I was not happy) 

* Today was my second day at Camp Green Lake. 3 words: WORST DAY EVER! X-ray had warned me about today, saying it would be the hardest, and boy was he right. 

* Second hole done and second 4 minute shower. I am, to say the least, frustrated. I found a fossil ( YEY), didn’t get the day off ( BOO, HISS). Mr Pendanski said it was ‘unexceptional.’