As a class we have spent quite a bit of time thinking about Growth Mindset. As a result the children have  developed a really positive attitude towards their work and we (and parents) have seen a real boost in many pupil’s confidence.  This week we looked at the image of a fried egg. We talked about the Yummy Yolk in the middle being our comfort zone where we feel safe and comfortable in our learning. Then the Wobbly White bit where we may feel a little less confident or we are aware we are having to work much harder to really understand the work. Finally the Frazzled Fried edge- the name says it all really! 

The children loved this image so we we now have a giant egg in out classroom which we refer to regularly. Each child also made their own egg and wrote subjects and feeling on it. 

It has been great to see how this image has helped them to verbalise how they are feeling about their work at different times of a lesson.  My favourite moment so far?  When a child said ” I used to be Frazzled Fried edge for maths all the time, now I’m in the Wobbly White. I want to get to the Yummy Yolk next!”