This week 6 children brought in their ‘Book in a box’ to share with the rest of the class./  Their challenge was to read a book of their choice and then represent it in some way in a box. They needed to include information about the characters/setting etc as well as including their opinion of the book as a whole. They could make models, draw pictures and decorate their box in any way they wished  as long as it was connected to the box.

I was really pleased with their efforts and they clearly enjoyed themselves!  They shared quotes, character fact files, glossaries, reviews, pictures, and even a model of Hogwarts complete with a battery operated candle inside!

All 6 boxes are now displayed in our library for anyone to come and read and be inspired by. The next 6 children have been picked at random and are already busy with their own boxes. I can’t wait to see what they’ll produce.