Monthly Archives: November 2015


This month the reflection shed has had a theme of ‘light.’ The children have thought about how light is an important symbol in many religions. They have read the story of Rama and Sita and coloured pictures of Diva lamps as they thought about the Hindu festival of Divali. One activity asked the children to […]


We have now finished our fab violin artwork and shared it in assembly.  We began by sketching our violins then showing them to a friend who then suggested improvements. We then had another go at sketching the violin, making sure we included the suggested improvements. We repeated this another two times and it really made a […]

Book in a box

This week 6 children brought in their ‘Book in a box’ to share with the rest of the class./  Their challenge was to read a book of their choice and then represent it in some way in a box. They needed to include information about the characters/setting etc as well as including their opinion of […]