Class 4 returned from Hilltop tired, dirty and full of exciting tales to tell. We all had a fabulous time and the children were extremely well behaved. ( So well behaved in fact a teacher from another school commented upon it!) Everyone challenged themselves to go faster, higher or further than they ever thought they could. The brand new Airjump was a resounding success and the Zipwire was enjoyed by everyone.  Due to the fab weather we managed to use the outside pool and then warmed up with a delicious evening meal.

I am so proud of class 4 and the way they behaved. Mrs Goldsmith and I cannot remember a group being so well behaved, going to bed so sensibly ( all quiet by 10 pm!) and being so consistently polite, caring and supportive. You were a pleasure to take away.

Parents, please come and look at our display – see if you can spot your child dangling, jumping or mountain biking.

Mmmm melted marshmallows....
Mmmm melted marshmallows….