As part of our ‘Magnificent Me’ topic we have have been using our maths skills to display and analyse data. All the children are currently working towards their athletics badges and recently measured their standing long jump distances. We thought it would be interesting to use this data to develop our graphing skills. So year 5 produced bar line graphs and year 6 worked on grouped data bar graphs, pie charts or scatter graphs. The pie charts proved to be quite challenging but the group working on them persevered and were proud of the progress they made. ( In fact Harrison gave an excellent, impromptu explanation in sharing assembly!) The group working on scatter graphs decided to see if  there was a correlation between the height of a child and the distance they jumped. We’ll let you know what they discovered.


We decided that although it was an interesting activity from a maths point of view it wasn’t very scientific as some children had more attempts than others. So the class decided to investigate whether there is a link between arm length and the distance a ball can be thrown. They have planned their investigation and will carry it out after half term.