We have been reading lots of poetry. We have found and written similes, metaphors, personification and onomatopoeia.  Below are two examples of winter poems written by Finn and Ruby. They include some lovely imagery which the children worked hard to develop. We hope you enjoy them. If you would like to read your child’s poem please come into class to look in their English book. 


The Winter moon glows across the land on frozen lakes.

People hope for summer to come but instead ice and snow consumes the world – for miles and miles there is no sun.

Dancing snowflakes from the sky – snow angels from heaven – bring peace to all. 

Armies of snowmen ready for war.

Blizzards trap people inside with no fire. 

The glowing moon blocks our amazing sun, the pain might kill us all.

Icicles hanging from the highest point, dangling by a thread.

Hills are now mountains of snow.

Will it end? No-one knows but we do know something – that one day that moon will be gone.


The Wonder Of Winter

Staring at the cold wonder

Her feather duster-like tail sways in excitement.

She reaches out to touch the pillow of white wonder

A snowflake touches her twitching nose,

It vanishes instantly.

The kitten inspects the ghost of the snowflake.

She stares at the white garden of fun.

Then she chases the frozen flies back to their home

Which is where she must go as the snow creeps away like a thief in the night.