P.E. Newsletters

Here are the latest editions of the new termly PE  & Sport newsletter to keep everyone up to date with our PE activities, celebrate our successes and share information on our Sports Premium Funding.

Autumn Term 2014-2015 

Newsletter Autumn 2014-15

Spring Term 2014-2015

Newsletter Spr15

Summer Term 2014-15

Newsletter Sum15

Autumn Term 2015-2016

Newsletter Aut15 

Spring Term 2015-2016

Newsletter Spr16

Summer Term 2015-2016

Newsletter Sum16

Autumn Term 2016-17


Spring Term 2016-2017

Newsletter Spr17

Summer Term 2016-17

Newsletter Sum17

Autumn Term 2017-18

Newsletter Aut17

Spring Term 2017-18

Newsletter Spr18