P.E. Information

At Scole we ask everyone to have the following P.E. kit available for all lessons.

A plain white t-shirt.

Blue (navy) or black shorts. These can be football shorts or cycling shorts.

Trainers (& spare socks)

Long/tracksuit trousers and sweatshirt/appropriate top.

Hair bands (where necessary)

All items must be FULLY NAMED please.

Every pupil receives 2 hours of high quality physical education every week and each session is carefully planned in line with National Curriculum expectations covering the four core strands of physical education – acquiring and developing, Selecting and applying tactics and compositional skills, evaluating and improving performance plus knowledge and understanding of fitness and health. The hall is available for every lesson ensuring no time is lost when the weather is inclement and outside areas are not available.

Please find attached the New National Curriculum Document for 2014. PRIMARY_national_curriculum_-_Physical_education

Our current yearly PE schedule and curriculum maps for PE can be viewed here.


PE schedules 2015.16

Curriculum map Aut1 2015

Curriculum map Aut2 2015

In reception pupils will cover gymnastics, dance, games and multi skills with the chance to experience the use of new equipment and time to practise fundamental movement skills which build physical literacy.

In KS1 sessions cover gymnastics, dance, multi skills and games with our aim to become “competent, confident movers!” We take time to consolidate and practise our skills to prepare for P.E. in KS2 plus enjoy visiting the High School for the multi skills and dance festivals.

In KS2 our programme of study covers-

Net/Wall games, (tennis/volleyball)

Invasion games (a variety includes quicksticks hockey, tag rugby, basketball, dodgeball, football and netball)

Striking and Fielding games (cricket and rounders)




Outdoor and Adventurous Activities (also taught by instructors on residential visits for year 5 and 6)

Swimming (taught by qualified instructors at a local pool)

Curriculum physical education is complimented by after school sporting opportunities, competitive matches and cluster opportunities throughout the year.

If you have any questions regarding P.E. and sporting opportunities at Scole please speak to Mrs Goldsmith.

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