Boxfit 2016

Class 4 have had an exciting few weeks as they have welcomed Gareth and Catherine from Progress Boxing & Fitness Limited at Eye for a first go at boxfit! This new activity was particularly to help the class focus on their health related fitness during the months when we are stuck inside due to weather constraints as well as being a great way to use our Sports Premium Funding.

Each session took the form of a warm up, using aerobic activities or speed ladders (and we became very good at those!) and then, once we split into three groups, we rotated round boxing activities, skipping and strength and conditioning exercises using specific equipment. Everyone loved the boxing element and Hannah even bought her own gloves!

We would like to thank Gareth and Catherine as they had never coached in a school before and we loved every minute of the sessions. They even gave us all a medal to celebrate our achievements. Thank you so much.

Here are some of our comments about boxfit as we all completed a pupil evaluation after the sessions.

  • Of 27 pupils who took part in the evaluation – 24 rated it 5 out of 5 stars and 3 pupils 4 stars.
  • ” I really enjoyed boxfit because it was a great opportunity.”
  • “I think we should do it again in PE because it would really be fun. It helped me to improve my skipping.”
  • “I would really like to do an after school club.”
  • “I think we should do it because it improves our fitness.”
  • “I have learnt the front and back planks.”
  • “I learnt how to stand when you are boxing and how to skip like a boxer.”
  • “It has been amazing doing boxfit with Gareth and Catherine.”
  • “We should do it again because it is really fun as well as challenging.”
  • “I think we should do it again as it gives you lots of exercise and you get tired at the end so that shows we have worked hard and tried to achieve a goal.”
  • “I would like to do it because it improved my coordination skills.”

Have a look at some of our photos; we worked hard and enjoyed ourselves!

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UEA16 040







UEA16 041







UEA16 049

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UEA16 064







UEA16 065

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