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Enjoying PE and School Sport at Scole 
 Celebrating our PE successes this term and looking forward to the term ahead. After another very successful year of PE at Scole we are very much looking forward to another academic year of challenges and exciting learning. This will continue to be helped by the Sports Premium funding we have received again this year to help us access new sports, travel to cluster sporting activities, coaching opportunities and much much more…. continue to watch this space and our Sports Premium funding pages.

***Don’t forget to visit our other linked PE pages which include photos for our very successful whole school Outdoor and Adventurous days (OAA), whole school  School Games Day/Sports Day in June, cheerleading, boxfit and our “dance in a day” filming.***


Curriculum PE –

Autumn Term 2017 – All classes will be working on games (Hockey/netball in KS2) and dance, plus OAA activities in KS2 and Multi skills and football (physical literacy) for KS1 and Reception.

In Class 1 we will begin the autumn term with games activities using beanbags improving our basic physical literacy skills linked to throwing, catching, aiming and balancing. We will use a variety of equipment spots, quoits, hoops, ladders and beanbags throughout the term as we understand how to move safely with others during PE. Later we will begin to respond to music as we begin our dance work – marching, galloping, creeping and being dinosaurs!

In Class 2 our work will begin with games based activities, including football skills and throwing and catching. Everyone then enjoys time to consolidate our physical literacy skills as we use multi skills sessions to work on our agility, balance and coordination. Our dance work will link to our topic work and will include Rainbow Fish and a trip to the circus!

For the first time we will be using Cybercoach to link our dance work with fitness and IT in PE! We are really looking forward to this new challenge.

Class 3 will start the autumn term with Outdoor and Adventurous Activities (OAA) where we challenge ourselves to solve problems, individually and with others. We will follow a simple map and use Plan – Do – Review techniques to help us find strategies to solve Mrs Goldsmith’s tricky challenges!

After this we will begin to play competitive games of hockey, looking at the basic principles of the games, including attacking and defending. Finally our dance work will include responding to the story of Giraffes Can’t Dance, using the language of dance plus Cybercoach fitness and dance workouts. A busy term ahead Class 3!

Class 4 will enjoy a trip to our residential at Hilltop in early September and our PE will link to the activities here as it begins with OAA. We will complete an orienteering route around the playing field at school and use the same skills at Hilltop. Other problems solving challenges will also be ahead.

Like Class 3 we will then work on our invasion games skills using netball skills and will focus on tactics for keeping the ball and taking it towards the opponent’s goal. We will look at effective marking of players and using space to attack and defend successfully during game play. Before the end of term we will then move onto our dance topic, linked to the sporting theme of rugby and the HAKA. We will also use martial arts workouts from Cyber coach to help our fitness levels building up to our Boxfit work in January.


Please click here to view a copy of the new National Curriculum 2014 for KS1 & 2 PE – PRIMARY_national_curriculum_-_Physical_education

Please click here to view our whole school PE schedule for 2017-18 – PE schedules 2017.18

Please click here for our PE curriculum map for Autumn Term 1 2017 – Curriculum map Aut1 2017

Please click here for our PE curriculum map for Autumn Term 2 2017 – Curriculum map Aut2 2017


Also this term:

  • Netball Club will start again and will be working towards their England Netball Skills Awards. New members always welcome.
  • Plus our regular clubs include tag rugby (with visiting coach.)
  • We will look to attend a number of cluster sporting activities using our Sport Premium Funding to pay for transport costs.
  • Mrs Goldsmith will run a Brilliant Ball Games/Dodgeball Club for year 3 & 4 later in the Autumn Term.
  • In September we will also welcome a football coach to run two after school clubs for 5 weeks for year 1 & 2 and year 4, 5 & 6 pupils. This is an excellent opportunity to work with a well qualified coach and another great use of our sports premium funding this term.
  • A visiting coach will run a cheerleading club for year 4, 5 & 6 pupils.
  • We will begin to train our year 6 Young Leaders and early morning activities will continue in the playground.
  • Zumba and Cybercoach workouts will be back!
  • Check out the PE noticeboard in the corridor to keep up to date with events and share in our successes!
  • Mrs Goldsmith is also looking into new clubs and visitors for the coming year. Can she beat the excellent skateboarding day from last year? Watch this space!


Look out for our new working wall which will help us to understand the vocabulary we need to help us in our new areas of learning, our objectives for the term and how we can improve.


Our gymnastics working wall.




Gymnastics working wall.

Gymnastics working wall.







Class 2 have been thinking about what a fun time they have in PE, giving it a huge thumbs up!

Class 2 have been thinking about what a fun time they have in PE, giving it a huge thumbs up!


Our new sports noticeboard looks amazing in the corridor! Check it out for fixtures, results and our weekly PE round up of events.

Our new sports noticeboard looks amazing in the corridor!
Check it out for fixtures, results and our weekly PE round up of events.


AfPE photos 017

Our school hall and PE displays/working walls.


Our school field. Just perfect for PE!

Our school field. Just perfect for PE!



Scole PE 035

Using IT in high quality PE lessons.

High Quality PE outcomes display.

High Quality PE outcomes display.



Already proving very popular is the “PE Password!” Every week a new PE related word is ready to be revealed in the corridor. Open the flap to reveal the word and a definition. If you know the word when asked by Mrs Goldsmith you could win yourself house points for your colour.

Do you know what the P.E. password is?

*** NEW***

Look out for the “Muscle of the Month!” Every month we will look at a new muscle, where it is in the body and how we use it. This will help us with the knowledge and understanding of fitness and health element in the National Curriculum for P.E.


Muscle of the Month Display

Look out for our “PE Star of the Week” award, given to someone who tries their best, listens well and has fun in their PE lessons. A photo of the pupil during PE is displayed in the school corridor and they receive a “Star of the “Week” certificate, sticker and wristband. Could this be you?

Using IT in PE display.

To visit the South Norfolk School Sports Partnership website – SNSSP website