Sports Premium Funding 2013/14

In March 2013 the Government announced a package of funding for physical education (PE) and school sport. Through a new ‘Sport Premium’ the Government is providing £150 million in each of the years 2014/15 and 2015/16 to support the delivery of PE and sport in primary schools. In early February 2014 the Prime Minister confirmed this funding would now be extended to 2020 which is excellent news for everyone at Scole.

This funding will be ring fenced, and will be allocated directly to primary schools across England, providing them with a dedicated resource to buy in invaluable expertise and support. Funding is allocated through a lump sum for each school and a per-pupil top-up mechanism. The formula will reference the number of primary-aged pupils (i.e. children between the ages of 5 and 11). All schools with seventeen or more primary-aged pupils will receive a lump sum of £8,000 plus a premium of £5 per pupil.


Schools have flexibility on how they use the funding but it should be used to increase and improve the PE and sport offered to pupils. As you can imagine, we are extremely excited about the sports funding here at Scole as we are committed to providing 2 hours high quality PE for all our pupils and we already hold the Norfolk High Quality PE Charter Mark. We thoroughly believe this will enable us to continue to place PE high on the agenda at Scole school.


Initial steps taken – We have completed the Youth Sport Trust self review tool and looked at pupil participation data and assessment levels throughout the school. This has included reviewing feedback from pupils collected from PE monitoring interviews and questionnaires in July 2013. This allowed us to review our current PE curriculum and its effectiveness and look at pupil responses and their thoughts on areas such as after school opportunities. We have then reviewed a number of articles on Sports Premium funding including Ofsted’s “Examples of effective use of PE & Sport funding” (Sept 13) and Norfolk County Council’s “Effective use of the Primary PE and Sport Premium.”


Mrs Goldsmith has worked with Mr Carlyle to produce a 2 year (2013-2015) PE and School Sport Development Plan which has helped us to identify areas for consideration as we look to enhance our excellent PE provision.

Our development plan covers these four main areas –

1: Provision of High Quality PE for all students.

2: Provision of opportunities for all young people to participate in a range of high quality activities. “Alongside and enhancing our PE curriculum.”

3: Improve provision for all young people to develop their potential including target groups and G&T.

4: Leadership and Management of P.E. and school sport including sports premium funding.


At Scole we currently hold the Norfolk High Quality PE award which is a significant external validation of our PE provision. Mrs Goldsmith, HLTA, holds the Norfolk NPETCS award (Norfolk PE Teaching Competence Award) and the Level 3 qualification in teaching PE, plus a number of coaching qualifications such as Football FA Level 1 award, Dodgeball Level 2 and High 5 Netball. In 2014/15 we will be looking to extend our validation further by apply for the afPE (Association for PE) Quality Mark, a national ward.

We have then identified the following area of spending –

  • Training Courses – High5 Netball, Change4Life Club, Norfolk PE Conference, National PE Qualification (Mrs Goldsmith) and National Quality Mark for PE & Sport 2014/15 (Whole school award.) Dodgeball Level 2 qualification.
  • Resources – new goalposts for football matches and use in curriculum PE, All4ball KS2 basketball resource (Basketball Club for year 3 & 4), outside music system to use for PE lessons, warm ups, dance and aerobic sessions. New bench for gymnastics.
  • After School Clubs – Weekly rugby coaching sessions with Dave (all year), street dance for KS2 in Spring Term 2014,  cricket (KS2) and Activeplay (KS1)  Summer Term 2014.
  • Transport – KS1 dance Festival (Autumn Term 2013) and multi skills Festival (Spring Term 2014) (Class 2), transport to Sportshall athletics competition (Class 4) Autumn Term 2013, transport to other competitions and tournaments in Summer Term 2014 including KS1 Sportsday Picnic,  Football & Netball day at Diss High School and Year 3 & 4 athletics.
  •  Extended learning opportunities – Bhangra Dance workshop for reception and KS1, year 3, 4 & 5  (Spring Term 2014) Playground Games workshops for whole school (Spring Term 2014)  and a trip for selected pupils in years 3, 4 and 5 to the Norfolk Academy of Gymnastics to enhance gymnastics provision and experience. KS1 tennis coach in summer term.

Bhangra 033

Bhangra 035


  • Other areas –  Teaching costs to cover for courses, up skilling current staff via team teaching opportunities with Mrs Goldsmith and observations. Investigating PE homework boxes for KS1 (Summer Term 2014.) Specialist coaches. Extra resources needed to support new PE curriculum form September 2014.
  • Healthy active lifestyles – Update lunchtime play resources with a range of new equipment to support our whole school aim of promoting healthy active lifestyles (in line with the Power of 5 initiative undertaken in PE across the whole of KS1 and 2.) This has included having a small area of our playground tarmaced and extended especially for reception and KS1 pupils. We have used a playground games specialist to consult on the playground area as well as to run a whole school playground games morning and develop playground leader training for year 5 and selected year 4 pupils. This will be an ongoing area of development into 2014/15.

lunchequip 016

  • Whole School initiatives – two “Disability in Sport” days for the whole school to experience disability sports including Goalball, sitting volleyball, blindfold activities and athletics. These days began with a visit from local Paralympic athlete DannyNobbs, in June.

Disability Day2014 019

Impact of SPF spending –

At the end of the summer term we will take time to review our spending and evaluate this year’s data. This will enable us to clearly focus on our priorities for 2014/15, in line with our 2013-15 development plans. Part of this ongoing agenda will be to continue with our high quality PE provision and extend learning opportunities, as well as apply for the afPE Quality Mark to validate our excellent work.

End of Year 2013-14 observations – (August 2014) 

Main Areas of Spending –

Coaching – £1715

Transport – £775

Healthy Active Lifestyles – Playground/Lunchtime equipment & Changes – £1791

Equipment & Resources for Curriculum PE – £1256

Staff Training/Courses – £900

  • Impact Statement and analysis – Sport Premium Funding Update Aug14
  • Lunchtime and after school opportunitiesgreater number of pupils have been able to enjoy and experience extracurricular clubs. These have links to sports outside school and have been well received by pupils and parents alike.
  • Cluster Activities – From KS1 and KS2 100% of pupils will have been able to participate in a relevant cluster activity this year. In KS1 this has included three events, KS1 dance and multi skills festivals and KS1 picnic Sportsday.
  • Activities to promote healthy active lifestyles – Playground renovations and new equipment has been well received and are being used regularly at lunchtime. This was chosen and promoted with help from our MSA team who helped to choose the equipment.
  • Analysis of the pupils reactions to the changes and new equipment were undertaken by questionning (Year R and KS1) or questionnaires (in KS2). The results are as follows –

Do you use the new playground equipment?

Class 1 – 83%    Class 2 – 100%   Class 3 – 85%   Class 4 – 67% (expected to be lower in Upper KS2)

Is the playground space better since the changes have been made?

Class 1 – 100%    Class 2 – 100%   Class 3 – 96%   Class 4 – 100%

Answers as to why had a similar theme throughout the age range and included – “ more space to play,” “safer,” “not tripped over by big ones,” “Don’t get things stuck,” “more space to play our games,” “no running with muddy feet.” “Basketball net.”

Would it help if playground leaders ran games for you to play? Would you join in? (Pupils had to circle yes or no)

Class 1 – 75%    Class 2 – 100%   Class 3 – 88%   Class 4 – 56% 

lunchequip 020

  • Staff training This has continued to ensure PE is carefully planned, focused and delivered with a relevant level of differentiation across our school. There is a robust and ongoing system of assessment and expertise within lessons. Coaches have been able to pass on further expertise and training opportunities.
  • Our school has a strong emphasis on PE & sport. We have embraced the use of the sports premium funding to ensure this is enhanced and continues to give pupils as many opportunities as possible. This has been helped by the chance to use the monies to transport pupils to cluster events. Only 18% of the year 1-6 school population did not take part in an extra curricular activity and this will be looked into in year 2014-15, possibly using our Change4life package.
  • Future plans – The school will continue to use the monies in a manner similar to this year. We will closely look at enhancing our swimming provision in KS2 and our participation in competitive cluster events.