Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium is a government-issued funding stream designed to support pupils from less financially-advantaged backgrounds. Schools are free to decide how to allocate this funding.

For the financial year 2016-17, the amount of Pupil Premium funding the school received was £19460. In this year the money was spent in a number of areas. These included:

  • The employment of a Teaching Assistant to provide 1:1 and small group support
  • 1:1 and small group intervention by Class Teachers and all Teaching Assistants
  • Funding the purchase of educational resources to support core skills in English and Maths
  • Assistance with costs for residential and day trips and other activities
  • Referral to external professional bodies such as the Benjamin Foundation
  • Assistance with the cost of music lessons
  • Learning resources such as targeted, ability-appropriate books and maths equipment
  • Consideration of out of school opportunities for eligible pupils that they may not otherwise have access to.

For the academic year 2016-17, end of year data shows that pupils eligible for Pupil Premium funding in;

  • Yr R – 4 pupils achieved all areas of GLD
  • Y2 pupil – Above Expected in all areas
  • Y6 pupils – 50% at Expected and 50% Well Below Expected

For the financial year 2017-18, the amount of Pupil Premium allocation is £20, 740. The strategies for the previous financial year remain on-going.