Monthly Archives: February 2016

Magnificent Mountains

In our new topic we have been learning about mountains. We investigated where the highest mountains are around the world.We used atlases to find the locations of mountain ranges in every continent.We also used dictionaries to define lots of geographical vocabulary. One of the most FUN things we have done was drawing pictures  to show […]

Irie Steelpan Workshop

On the 4 th  February we had a special surprise when the Irie Steel Pan Workshop came into our School. Marcella and Junior played all kinds of different songs including ‘who let the dogs out?’ which we sang along to. We all danced the conga around the hall, it was  fantastic fun. We all had […]

Violin update

Yes, despite bridges falling off, strings snapping and a rather unfortunate breakage, class 4 are indeed making great progress with their violin playing. Not only can everyone now recognise and play the four open strings ( that means playing the string without putting your fingers on it), they can now also play 2 additional notes […]

Growth Mindset Art

The children have now finished their wonderful art work showing what they think Growth and Fixed mindset look like. They spent a long time planning and then creating their fabulous work. Each child has also written an explanation of their thoughts behind the artwork. They make for very interesting reading! I have put some up […]

Our recount

Last week we were writing a recount about a lonely robot Our writing had a twist though!As we were using DADWAVERS! our writing turned out to be different to any other old recount. We think they were much more interesting! Some of us used handwriting pens to copy up our work for display.       […]