Monthly Archives: January 2016

May the force be with you!

Class 4 have begun their much anticipated topic on forces!  The classroom has been a hive of activity as groups of children have investigated gravity and friction. Wood blocks, ramps, plastic tracks, string, 2p coins, stop watches and measuring tapes have been in abundance as the class have immersed themselves in their investigations.  They have […]


Our new class book is Holes by Louis Sacher. We are using the text to improve our comprehension skills but we are also using it as a basis for some of our writing, especially Big Write.  It is a great book and the class are really enjoying it and there have been lots of oohs […]

Our Roman Topic

In class 3 we have come to the end of our Roman Topic.We have discovered lots of interesting facts about life in Roman time. we also made posters about gods and goddesses. Our favourite bits were pretending to be a Roman soldier writing letters to our parents, we made shields (scutum) and practised marching in formation […]

Floods in the news

With all the recent flooding I thought it would be a good idea to combine real news with newspaper writing in class.  Our Big Write for the next two weeks will be journalistic writing and I hope the many pictures and news on the television and in newspapers will inspire the children. Don’t forget to […]


This half term we are considering the question ‘ How can Brahman be everywhere and in everything?’ We began by thinking about ourselves and whether we behaved differently when we were with different people. The children had some excellent ideas and there were some very insightful comments. I look forward to seeing how this work […]